back again, refactoring

So, after a litte break, I had to make a small refactoring session:

kode screenshot
not quite doc/view but almost a View

unrewarding as refactoring might be (no new features to be selfimpressed of) I had to do a refactoring:

  • To remember the code again (it does slip away fast)
  • to clear up some of the spagetti

I don not intend this to be the time to refactor the program, and for now its just a View class, clearing all the loc’s and other irrellevant data away from the main code.

I am considering to make use of the only 2 patterns that i do remember: singleton, and Doc/view. but more of this later.

Oh, and one more thing..

Correct word is almost implemented, but in the view class. So next job is to show some “achivements” onscreen. and implement some more game stages..

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